Twice Around

A Lullabye



Frank: The music for this one took as much time to write as the song is long. Luisa and I were sitting around talking after rehearsal one night and I started playing the chords to this tune. She started to hum the melody and we didn't change a thing. Both of us agreed that it sounded like a lullaby, so we started right in with the lyrics. Very fast. Sent from above.

The field of crickets in the background is actually just one cricket, recorded twice, with an added touch of reverb. He literally showed up in my basement a day and a half before we were to go get the CD mastered. Did a quick, last-minute remix, and he now lives on in our song. Thank you, my tiny friend.



Now the day is done
Kiss goodnight the sun
Fade to blue, night's begun

The moon slips into place
Casts shadows 'cross my face
Fireflies state their case

I wonder why the dark of night
Takes me to a time
Of bittersweet simplicity
Of fairy-tale and rhyme

Every now and then
When wishing for a friend
I find a star and pretend


Luisa: lead vocal
Frank: acoustic guitar
Maureen: vocal