Twice Around

Do You Ever Cry?



Frank: For years this was my favorite of all the songs I'd written. Probably still is. Who knows? Heartbreak hurts, but yields good art I guess.
Our old bandmates Gene Heiter and Lou Fiorillo tastefully added bass and lead acoustic guitar to the track.
Also, love Chris Aleo's drumming on this song. So simple, yet so right.

Luisa: This song seems to grow on people. It never got a lot of mention when we first released "...Flying" but then slowly people would comment on how much they'd come to love it.



You gave your love when I was just a girl
You asked for nothing in return except the love of just one girl
So much love so fast
To think I let you fly
You spread your wings with no look back
Now look who's left to cry

Golden hair with an angel's smile
Morning blossom sun
Those summer nights away we would while
It slipped away so fast
A thousand dreams belied
Do thoughts of me come to you anymore?
And do you ever cry?

Remember how we'd laugh? 
Now tears they fill my eyes
Do you ever laugh anymore?
Or ever wonder why?
And do you ever cry?

Like I do in the middle of the night when I'm all alone
thinking of you, without me there
I love you so, I miss you more than words can ever say

Luisa: lead vocal
Frank: acoustic guitar, percussion, background vocals
Maureen: harmony and background vocals
Chris Aleo: drums
Gene Heiter: bass
Lou Fiorillo: acoustic lead guitar