Twice Around

Mistaken Tomato Blues



Frank: Almost every song that I brought in to work on for this CD was originally performed and recorded by my old band "Other Brother", and this was no exception. Never really cared for it until Luisa made me see it in a different light.
Lots of fun recording this one. On loan from the Smokin' Opey band were Chris D'Amato on dobro, and Billy Bileca on stand-up bass. If you want to do blues the right way, call in the right people.
For added percussion, drummer Chris Aleo played an old potato can (for those who like to buy their mash potatoes in a can (circa early 70's it looked like) by banging on it with a wooden paint mixer. It still cracks me up whenever I hear it. Kept the can too.



You know I saw you looking at me
You threw your smile across the room
But I'm not catching pretty smiles tossed my way
My back's to you

I don't need no soft good mornings
I don't want no long goodnights
I don't need a better half to make me whole
This I say, so I may set you right

Now don't be disappointed
It's better that I let you know 
That you're wasting all your time on a fool like me
But I'm not fooling so

Keep your eyes away from my window
Keep your little feet outside my door
Don't want to find a billet-doux In my letterbox
How you say? S'il vous plait, au revoir 

Please don't take this all to heart
It's not what I meant for you
But I wish you'd take a powder now sweetheart
'Cause you're on a quest without a clue

So stay away from my window
Don't waste those pretty little eyes on me 
'Cause I'm not bitin' baby on your little hook
You've been looking at the wrong fish mistakenly

And I think I oughta tell ya that you're wrong
if you think you had me
Well excuse me for reiterating
But you're wrong and you've never been wronger
If you think your pretty face could catch me

Frank: lead vocal, acoustic guitar
Maureen: vocals
Luisa: vocals
Chris Aleo: drums, potato can
Billy Bileca: stand-up bass
Chris "Smokin Opey" D'Amato: dobro