Twice Around

But I'd Love to Believe



Frank: There's nothing quite like the pain of an unfinished story.  


F. Veres


I guess I was wrong
About the saddest I have been
I wonder how long
Till my heart feels whole again

Doesn’t seem right
Doesn’t seem fair
I lay here all night
The emptiness is everywhere

How can I make the hurt go away?
What I wouldn’t do
Just to hold you one more time
By one more time, I mean forever

Sometimes I laugh
I cry just the same
When I think of your eyes
Or anytime I hear your name

If this is the way
It’s supposed to be
Then why did we stay
And meld our hearts just to set them free?

Someone, please make this hurt go away
Can’t you see I’m dying?
I have tried, but I didn’t know
You shouldn’t believe in forever
But I’d love to believe


Frank: vocal, acoustic guitar