Twice Around




Frank:  Another song started in my kitchen. I was sitting there playing the opening chords when Luisa walked in and heard me.  She started singing "Downtime, downtime" and we just continued on from there.  She went home that night and wrote about 12 to 15 verses.  Brought them in and we edited and rewrote together and the song was done.  We call this one our "Norah Jones" song.  Old friends and bandmates Gene Heiter (stand-up bass) and Chris Aleo(drums) add their talents to this track.    




Downtime, downtime
Waiting for the sun
Downtime, downtime
Nothing to be done
Wait, wait, lying on the floor
Wait, wait, I've been here before

Downtime, my time
Dancing with the moon
My time, this time
It will happen soon
Wait, wait, watch the falling sand
Wait, wait, try and understand

Downtime, one more time
Kicking up the dirt
Downtime, sometimes
Everybody’s hurt
Wait, wait, liking how I feel
Wait, wait, this is real
Wait .....


Luisa: lead vocal
Frank:  acoustic guitar, nylon string guitar, organ, percussion
Gene Heiter:  standup bass
Chris Aleo: drums