Twice Around

Sundays (Don't Suit Her Well)



Frank:  I had the lyrics for this sitting on my desk for about 15 years.  Luisa kept on encouraging me to put them to music.  Finally did.  A tongue-in-cheek look at the vagaries of a relationship.


Luisa: Frankie doing the blues is always a treat. The humor is specific and universal. Then we got the best blues guys in town (Chris D’Amato on guitar and Billy Bileca on bass) to play on it and really make it sing! 


F. Veres


She needs to be silent, then she wants to shout
And I’m supposed to know what it’s all about
A slice of heaven gone straight to hell
Sundays don’t suit her well

The sun is shining, there can be no doubt
But the storm within her I can do without
On the surface everything is swell
Trust me, Sundays don’t suit her well

What a catch, what a find
I tell my friends she is mine, mine, mine
Like I said ‘A slice of heaven’
If only there were six days, instead of seven

Hey, let’s stop for dinner, there’s your favorite spot
My mistake…maybe not
‘How about that new place we saw downtown?
Now you think the first spot? Yeah, I’ll turn the car around’

It must be hard when wherever you are
Is not the place to be
When I was in school I never thought this fool would say
Monday can’t come too soon for me

I try my best not to upset her
Was she like this before I met her?
One look in her eyes and I sure can tell
She hasn’t lost it yet, but it ain’t goin’ well

The leaves have fallen, the air is clear
Tonight we turn the clocks back, like every year
I know they say ‘with time, love grows stronger’
But now my night is sixty minutes longer! 

‘What’s wrong now, my precious stone?’
Oh yeah, it’s Sunday…well I should have known
My old self is but a shell
Because Sundays don’t suit her well…
As the Lord is my witness
I say Sundays don’t suit her well…
You know I share because I care
And Sundays don’t suit her well


Frank: lead vocal, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion
Luisa: harmony vocal, percussion
Chris Aleo: drums
Billy Bileca: bass
Chris D’Amato: lead acoustic guitar