Twice Around

Trace the Sky



L. Tanno/F. Veres


Trace the sky
Like the doves
I don’t know why

But they know
To sail around the sun
Each on their own
They move as one

Run over stones
Like the river
Because she knows

To rise, to fall
To reach for it all
To pine and yearn
It’s how we learn

Know that you’re knowing
Just go
Where you’re going

You can run
And fly and sail to the sky
All on your own
But not alone

Trace the sky
Like the doves
You know why


Luisa: vocals, harmony vocal, acoustic guitar
Frank: acoustic, nylon string and archtop guitars, keyboards, percussion
Chris Aleo: drums
Billy Bileca: bass
April Jauregui: background vocals, cello
Katherine Horne, Tiffanie Rodenberg, Zachary Lane, Dan Murphy: background vocals