Twice Around

Until I Cry



Frank: Most of this was written rather quickly during a rehearsal.  I started playing, Luisa started singing and we thankfully captured it on a small digital recorder.  Went back a few months later and finished it up.  It was obvious from the start that a Chris D’Amato slide Dobro part would be perfect for this track.  It totally transformed the song and we built the rest of the arrangement around the mood it set.  We always said we could hear this one playing over the credits at the end of a movie. Someday perhaps.  



F. Veres/L. Tanno


Aching, wanting, wishing
I could have you hear me
Or just be near me
Wishful thinking
A broken heart for just believing
So hard
Wasting, longing, knowing  
I got nothing I can do
To get next to you again
But I knew it when I…
I could feel you as I…
If we could only just be what we were then
We were
Hopeful, easy, trusting
Days would go on endlessly
Perfectly our own
Night is here and so I…
Morning waits until I
Can lift the covers from my head and only then
My memories save me,
Movies in my mind will satisfy
Until I cry
Until I cry
Until I cry no more

Luisa: lead vocal
Frank: acoustic guitars, electric guitars, organ, percussion
Billy Bileca: stand-up bass
Chris D’Amato:  National slide guitar