Twice Around

You Know Me



Luisa: This is a song about friendship pure and simple. The friends who know your particular brand of crazy and love you for it are a gift worth singing about.  The tension of the verse and release of the chorus makes this a favorite of mine.

Frank: Luisa wrote the melody and lyrics of the verses and chorus away from any instrument while driving in her car.  She brought it to me to help her put some chords to it.  We did that and then tried out several ideas for bridges until we came up with the final draft.  Had a great time working on a bass part with the talented Billy Bileca, which added a whole new dimension to the song.  




It’s another day I’m here
It’s another day I wish I was there
It’s another day I celebrate my
Melancholy ways I sit and cry

Here I go again, I’m sighing
Here I go again, I’m grateful and flying
Here I go again, I calculate my
Almost never-ending reasons why

I am not alone
Where’s the telephone?
I could use a change of view
Please be home, I’m calling you

You know me, I’m crazy
You know me, I can’t decide
You know me, I’m spinning, spinning wild
But I’m ok, because you know me

All I wanna do is see you
All I wanna do is be by myself
All I wanna do is contemplate my
Momentary bliss, I sit and smile

I feel I’ve lost my mind
You don’t respond in kind
I can say that I am free
In the way you let me be

Repeat Chorus)

It may not be I’m crazy I’m just stuck inside my mind
We all could use a friend from time to time
And you are mine

(Repeat Chorus 2 times)

All I wanna do is see you …


Luisa: lead vocal, percussion
Frank: harmony vocal, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, organ, percussion
Chris Aleo: drums
Billy Bileca: bass