Twice Around


Short History of a Small Band

It was twenty years ago today…no wait…that’s when Sgt Pepper taught the band to play. Well, actually it has been a lot longer than that. More like fifty-two years…no wait…that was when we first heard it was “twenty years ago today”, so really that makes it about seventy-two years ago now…whew. But that is not what this is about. This is supposed to be a short history of Twice Around, although it looks like it’s a little too late for that…the shortness that is, not the history.

O.K. actually our story starts a lot longer than 'twenty years ago today.' The Time: 1991.  The Place: Darien Dinner Theatre, Darien, CT.  The Show: “West Side Story.”  Frank is working as a stagehand, Luisa as an actress. Frank introduces himself.  After checking with management, Luisa is reassured that “looks notwithstanding, Frank is relatively harmless." They become fast friends and soon discover a mutual interest in music.

Fast-forward three years. They are spending their evenings playing the bar circuit with the ten- piece R&B band “Step Edna.” It is here that they meet a talented singer named Maureen Wasik and decide that, while all this large band stuff is great, they also love acoustic guitar-based music and vocal harmonies.  So in their off time, they decide to form an acoustic trio which they name "FreeFall."  From 1997 thru 2001 they play regularly in coffee shops, books stores, etc. and quickly build a small (but large) following (it's all about perspective).

The year 2000 sees the release of their album“…Flying”. On this release, they expand their usual live trio sound by enlisting the help of some of their talented musician friends.  Most of the music is recorded in Frank’s basement studio, and it is there where a lot of it still resides in a cardboard box.

In 2002, Frank & Luisa officially become a duo. After much angst and deliberation, they name themselves Twice Around, and it is under this moniker that they continue to create and perform the music they love.


In 2006, they release their CD titled "Short Story Long", a collection of twelve original songs. Once again, this was recorded with a little help from their friends.
A lot of love went into making this music, so Karmic-ly this CD is destined for greatness. Realistically however...well, that's a whole other conversation. 

In 2008, they start recording what is to be their masterpiece.  As you know, a true work of art takes time…or that’s what they keep telling themselves anyway. In 2017, after a short 9 years (there's that perspective thing again), they finally put the finishing touches on their latest opus, "Here Before", another collection of 12 original songs to be sent out into the world, hoping the world will take a listen.  Fingers crossed.  

No one knows what the future holds, but it is sure to be exciting, and they would like nothing better than to have you along for the ride…figuratively speaking of course…with all of the equipment and stuff, there is not a heck of a lot of room for you in the car.

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