Twice Around




Frank: People seem to not know how to take this one. That's O.K. Neither do I. I think it speaks to the fact that no matter how much you are influenced by outside sources throughout life, inevitably the final decisions you make come from within, and are yours. 
This song started as I was trying unsuccessfully to come up with a lead guitar part for Luisa's "Broad & Wide". I was getting frustrated until I put the pick down and started playing the part which became the backbone of this song.



For every journey that we make 
This much is known 
From the first breath that we take 
We are alone 

And through it all, we carry on, yet wonder why 
We allow the dreams we meant to live just pass us by 

We look for answers on the way 
To guide us through 
We give our hearts to those who stay 
As if they knew 

And further on we cast our eyes beyond the wall 
But "happy ever after" is a place inside us all 

One heart to share 
One soul laid bare 
Too late we find 
It all gets left behind 

For every journey that we make 
This much is known 
Until the last breath that we take 
We are alone

Luisa: lead vocal 
Frank: acoustic guitar