Twice Around

Autumn Song



Frank: Almost all musicians that I know have these little riffs/licks/progressions that they just seem to subconsciously play all the time, and for many many years, this was mine. Finally decided to turn it into an actual song. Lyrically to me it feels like a cross between Luisa's "I Remember" and Cheryl Wheeler's "When Fall Comes to New England" (two favorite songs of mine by two favorite singers of mine). I also am a big fan of stacked harmony singing ala Crosby, Stills, & Nash/America/Eagles/Beach Boys, so recording the vocals for this song was real fun for me.  Chris Aleo adds just the right touch of tasteful percussion to the track.



Windy night, late September 
The leaves lose their hold 
On the porch, I remember 
The stories we told 
Appearing soon is a cradle moon 
To start its walk 'cross the sky 
And all last week it played hide and seek 
With the clouds rolling by 

A tire swings from the old tree 
Where I used to play 
It hangs around like a memory 
Lost along the way 
As night moves on, and I look upon 
All the years passing by 
The old and new have a rendezvous 
Right here by my side 

Roads to be followed 
Are joined to trails gone by 

I think tonight, I just might 
Un-hitch my wagon from its star 
'cause now and then, where you should have been 
Is exactly where you are 

Roads to be followed 
Are joined to trails gone by 

Windy night late September 
The leaves lose their hold 
The stories I will remember 
Still wait to be told

Frank: lead vocal, harmony vocal, acoustic guitars, bass
Luisa: harmony vocals
Chris Aleo: drums & percussion