Twice Around

Maggie's Hometown



Luisa: In a way, this is a sequel to "Child Song". Maggie is just being herself and she's having a hard time fitting in because of it. This one explores the dark side of dogma and how the beautiful idea of God can get distorted. 

Frank: My favorite "track" on the CD. We worked hard on this one, making sure the musical backing matched the mood of the lyrics.



In Maggie’s hometown, they wear Jesus on their sleeve
Like a yellow badge of immunity
And they hold their heads high
And they look down their nose
At different and label it foe

But Maggie’s got her journal and her black ink pen
To scribble her defense to this white-walled den
And she’s kind to strangers
And she thinks love’s endangered
By these God-fearing rangers of faith

Sunday in church Maggie will pray
Why can’t I have God my way
He’s hip and kind, He easily smiles
At different.  He even likes it

Maggie’s had fingers pointed in her face
People have asked her why she dresses that way
Her boots, they’re untied, and her eyes are black-lined
And she shuffles her stride and opens her mind

Sunday in church Maggie will pray
Why can’t they see God my way?
He’s open and kind, He easily smiles
at girls who are different, and wear black eyeliner

Maggie will pack up all her bags one day
She’ll thank her town for showing her one way
Then she’ll thank God for her soul and the power to have known
There’s more than one way to go, she finds her own

Her last day in church she’ll stand up and say
We all see God in our own way
Mine’s free and kind, He easily smiles
At different and even likes it


Luisa: lead vocal, acoustic guitar, chair
Frank: acoustic & electric guitars, Wurlitzer, bass, organ, percussion
Chris Aleo: drums