Twice Around

The Rain Again



Frank: I was standing in my living room wearing my guitar while right outside the window the rain was pouring down. Wrote this song. Made it metaphorically pliable and called it done. Dylan I aint, but who is?
Steve Young plays electric lead guitar throughout. Also, kudos to my sister Karen, who was 'Oh so happy' to be asked to join us recording handclaps.



Here comes the rain a pourin' down
Grey skies are here again
Buckets of pain fall all around
Here comes the rain again
I'll run inside and hide my head
Lay down till who knows when
It's warm and dry inside my bed
Here come that rain again

Jump down, and look around
There's something on the way
Where it begins, starts deep within
There's no one left to play

Jump down, and look around
And see the winds of change
Soon you will find, your storyline
Has all been rearranged

Can't feel the sun shine down anymore
Big cloud came rollin' in
Washed away all that was here before
I'm out in the rain again
I'm out in the rain again
Stuck in the rain again


Frank: lead vocal, acoustic guitar, electric guitars, organ, bass, handclaps
Luisa: harmony vocal, percussion, handclaps
Chris Aleo: drums
Steve Young: electric lead guitar
Karen Stochmal: handclaps